Thursday, September 27, 2007

more problems...

Soooo, I went to ask my advisor why the online info on my "Poly Profile*" doesn't reflect how my JC* classes transferred here. He said "there is most definitely a reason, but it probably won't be a reason you like". So, of course, I cry (I sniffle and shed a tear and get red in the face), and call the Evaluations Office to clarify the situation. The word to the Eval Office was as follows...

"The Poly Profile is only completely up to date for new Fall '07 transfers. "older" transfer students have minimal or partially up to date profiles. We sent memos and email to advisors about this. Previous transfers should be directed to the handwritten evaluations in their files in the department offices. Anything else, no? Ok, Have a good day!"
This person was succinct, and nicely answered my question. The advisor I asked about this is now dead to me.

Advisors at Cal Poly are faculty members. There is no full time staff person in the college of architecture or in the landscape architecture department whose job it is to make sure students' questions are answered and people know what they need to graduate.

All I want is a person who I can ask "What classes do I need? When are the offered? When should I graduate?" and not get an answer like, "I don't exactly know. That information isn't available. Have you checked with the Evaluation Office?"

*Poly Profile= online student profile where you can see the information that is on your transcript
*JC= Junior College, not Jesus Christ

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