Saturday, March 15, 2008

What to do with myself?

The university winter quarter is not ofically over, however it is for us landscape archirtorture students. (I just have to digitally submit 2 assignments by Monday!!) This is wonderful, right? I finally have time to do all of the things I had put off because I was too busy, like; getting the cars smoged, tuned up, washed and waxed (most of the deferred chores are auto related), getting a haircut, giving the apartment a thorough cleaning, washing the laundry, put away the last load of clean laundry, give myself a manicure, exercise, water the plants, and the list goes on. Oh well, I am off to finish those last school assignments so I wil be totally free for the next two weeks!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Have a cat? You need cat wigs!

Ok, I pilfered this idea from my new favorite blog The Unclutterer. It is the very end of the university quarter and I have no brainpower for my own unique posts.

Cat wigs are awesome! Now what fine feline wouldn't want such a great accessory? Kitty Wigs are my hot invention of the week. I need to come up with daily topics. Anyways, this would make a great birthday present for you cat, if you are crazy and do that sort of thing. Enjoy!