Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another year here at CP....

Is it really only week two of the new school year? My class compadres have again come to the conclusion that the landscape architecture department hates its students. Although most of us transfers entered with loads of credit it is still ambiguous as to when we might ever graduate. There is no light at the end of the tunnel? We've calculated that we will have spent 4.5 years at Cal Poly since transferring before we are able to graduate. This is very bad. Why, with at least two years of community college behind us, are we graduating only six months before those who started as freshmen the same year? Tears, I'm crying.

I will attempt to contact an adviser today in order to determine what extra classes I need to take. Reliable information is difficult to come by, because the advisors do are not quite sure on how to handle our situation. We are often referred to the University Records office at the top of the hill, and the ladies there whine that they are understaffed and cannot take the time to answer the questions because they should be directed to our department advisors.

Anyone you know interested in going to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo? Warn them against it if they actually want to graduate in a timely manner. The university wines and dines the potential and incoming freshmen, giving them first pick at registering for classes and throwing meet and greets and WOW* for them, but once the parents are gone the turn their backs on you. They give you a paper bag full of shit and expect you to be grateful that they provided lunch.

end of rant.

*WOW=Week of Welcome, not World of Warcraft. The last week of summer vacation where freshmen do lots of fun teambuilding and school spirit oriented activities. I hear it is super fun.

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