Tuesday, January 20, 2009

live blogging: the inauguration

Rick Warren did his thing for the invocation. I am out of the loop on megachurch ministers, but apparently he heads up Saddleback Chruch in Orange County. I always feel weird about these things at government functions. I don't like the notion that these religious invocations are appropriate because most of the the country may be religious, let alone Christian. This is better left for people at home or in church. The speech was very nice, but I couldn't get past all the heaven and god refrences. I know, the guy is a professional minister, it is what he does.

Aretha Franklin's rendition of "My country tis of thee" (is that right) war HORRIBLE. First of all, I don't like when awesome songs are butchered in the name of personal styling. Second, he voice was all dry and crackly.

Biden's swearing went without a hitch.

The John William's piece played by all the awesome classical musicians was out of sight! Williams in a genius. Star Wars, Jurrasic Park, Indiana Jones, Home Alone, Harry Potter.... the list goes on. Genius.

I don't know if it was John Roberts' fault, or Obama's, but someone mixed the other up during the President's swearing in. Obama tried to start too early, but Robert's had too long of a pause. Yea!!!! NEW PRESIDENT! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

Oh geez, he mentions terrorism - but at least he didn't mention the "t" word. Man he sounds powerful. I like that he is addressing the real issues at hand and that we will overcome. Whoever wrote this speech should get an award!

I like the refrence to the people who busted their butts to build this country. I do not like that CNN cuts away from the speech to show crowds of people watching the speech in remote locations. All right!!!

Science will be restored to its rightful place!!

I wonder how long these speeches go. I just checked, Obama's is to be 17 minutes long.

9:18 He is starting to get "whistley" with his s sounds

9:19 He sure sounds stron on terrorism, and no having to apologize for our way of life - awesome
finally, someone mentions that the country is made up of nonbelievers as well as Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus

9:20 "your people will judge you on what you can build, not on what you destroy" great line.

9:21 lots of mention of the US using lots of world resources

I think the know of his tie is too narrow. I think that with the long points of his collar, he needs bulkier knot. Especially since he is already so thin and narrow, the die emphasizes it.

CNN just showed people sitting on a bronze statue of horses and a carriage. How crude. Why are people climbing on monuments like it is a children's playground. That is embarissing.

9:25 Ok, my concentration is waining. When will this be over?
Oh, ok it is now done at 9:26.

9:26 I think the people behind Obama, military guys included, who are taking snapshots are rude and crude. There will be plenty of professional shots available.

9:28 Elizabeth Alexander's caidence is so odd. I know it is specific to her poem, but it is a very odd preformance. The actual words are amazing, but the choppy preformance is very distracting. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be. This is why Americans are so ambivialent to poetry. I am too synical to enjoy this type of poetry.

9:30 Why is everyone leaving? Are they going to get a spot on the parade route.
Bush I looks so cute in that fur hat. He is a bundle up old grandpa.

9:33 Dr. Joseph Lawrie? Lawry? This guy is smart. I can tell. I wonder how old he is. He sounds really old. He cirtizes favoritism to the elite and rich. If that were to end, how would congressmen afford their lavish homes? Their salary isn't nearly enough to afford the luxuries they have become accustomed too..

9:35 there is a guy in the fancy seats who is wearing a red fedora type hat. That guy is awesome. I think Michelle Obama is lucky for being so tall, but like so many tall women she hunches too much. She needs to take a lesson from Carla Bruni on poise. Obama tends to stomp around and hunch to be on the same level as shorter people.

9:37 Rev. Dr. Joseph is kind of awesome. "...so the red man can get ahead, man. And the guy who's white will embrace what is right." I love old people from the 60's. They are still hippies.

9:38 National anthem "Star Spangled Banner" preformed by Navy Sea Chanters. What a lame name. I do, however, love their traditional rendition of the anthem.

9:39 presidental party exits, John Phillip Sousa "The Stars and Stripes Forever" plays. I love that song.
Next up, PARADE!! I don't even particularly like parades.

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