Monday, December 15, 2008

Ski Trip!!!

Next Tuesday we will go to Mammoth!!! I am so excited because I got my first pair of snow pants!! every other time I have gone to the snow, I have made due with nylon warm up pants, not good when in a wet snow. The best part is my new pants were only $15 on EBay, with $10 shipping!!! I was about to spend $100 on some cute Big 5 pants, but was dissuaded. I just hope they fit. I am an 8 in the $100 ski pants, so I hope I am in this Obermeyer pair. No more wet butt, no more wet knees!!!! The best part is that they are cute too. These pants are nice and streamlined. They even have ankle gaiters in the legs. Can you beat $25??? No way! Now I am ready to hit the slopes!! Gabe just bought a snow onesie suit on EBay and I hope to copy his success. I should get my new pants at the end of the week, just in time for the trip. I will model them for you when they arrive. (I think I love Ebay, I will know for sure when my pants arrive)

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