Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crocs bake Birkenstocks look cool

Ok, I love shoes and all, and at the end of the summer I indulged in a pair of BIRKENSTOCKS!! I can hardly believe it. I know, I know, but they are comfy (worst reason ever to get something). But, at least they aren't Crocs! They remind me of my childhood when my brother and I had the funkiest colored Birenstocks. My grandma has had the samepair of white ones forever. Ahhh, my German family would understand. I do not think they are acceptable to wear to a job interview or a date, for that matter. They are the best sandals for puddling about the house, or walking to the mailbox. I am glad I got the shimmery lavender and not the brown suede that American seem to love in the Birkenstock Arizona. So there. I love my Birkinstocks and I will justify them by claiming how bad Crocs are.


Lawren U said...

I did notice you wearing those today, but forgot to mention. I do that a lot, notice outfits and things, then forget to comment on them.
Your Birkencrocs remind me of better days when all that mattered was playing kickball at recess...:)

shoeguy said...

I love birkenstocks, they are so comfortable
This is the last pair I bought Birkenstock Arizona - Emerald Suede