Thursday, February 14, 2008

If I die before I wake....

The carbon monoxide detector went off this evening!!! Hurrah, all I need on this lovely St. Valentine's Day is th potential for a life threatening emergency!! Gabe and I opened the windows and hung out on the porch to not be in harm's way. Gabe called the fire department because if SLO city is anything like every single county engine, they will have a gas detector that will tell how much co is hanging around and possibly find the source. Well, the FD came and when good old Gabe asked about the detector the captain said that their detector only did fuels. He was also very awkard about explaining why theirs can't detect co. We got a weird vibe. Later we surmised the FD would assume too much liability if they detected co levels that were safe and the people ended up dying so they just keep their mouth's shut. However, the captain was pretty sure that ours was malfunctioning (and I doubt he is qualified to make such an assertion) and we should keep the windows cracked just in case, and not to stay here "if we don't feel comfortable,"which I am sure is their get of the hook statment. I am sure that baking, boiling, and roasting was the culprit - lots of gas burning with no ventilation and no open windows becasue it is a cold evening. I will be really pissed if I die of co poising tonight. If that is the case Alex can have my MacBook Pro and my mom can have my clothes- since she fits into them anyway. Oh well, I am sure I will see everyone safe and sound tomorrow or Monday.
Till then

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